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    2012 Chevrolet Cruze : Painted Side View Mirror


      Elevate Your Chevrolet Cruze with a Painted Side View Mirror Replacement. Specifically designed for non-heated function OEM part numbers 19258657 (Left, Driver-Side) or 19258658 (Right, Passenger-Side), accompanied by Parts Link numbers GM1320420 (Left, Driver-Side) or GM1321420 (Right, Passenger-Side). Additionally, available with heated function using OEM part numbers 19258659 (Left, Driver-Side) or 19258660 (Right, Passenger-Side), and matched with Parts Link numbers GM1320421 (Left, Driver-Side) or GM1321421 (Right, Passenger-Side). Experience the precision of BumpMatch's painted side view mirror replacement, tailored for your Chevrolet Cruze, seamlessly merging style and functionality.