Painted Auto Body Parts : BumpMatch

by Julio Cesar Rodriguez on August 20, 2020
Painted Auto Body Parts
Painted auto body parts that deliver.  At BumpMatch the attention to detail with our painted auto body parts is almost comparable to none out there.  The process for preparation before we even get them into the paint booth is important as paint binds to these surfaces. A simple oily hand print can spoil the painted part over time as paint has these binding agents.  
Bumpmatch sets the bar.
BumpMatch wanted to enter world of e-commerce but with a service and product that would only offer the most high , quality grade pre painted auto body parts in the industry.  To set this forward we knew that outside of the detail towards the preparation of these parts the materials were a huge factor in both color match and durability of the part.  BumpMatch decided to go with PPG Envirobase paint which is a water base paint.  This decision economically speaking was more expensive but it was our companies mission of who we wanted to be in the market place.
painted auto body parts
We are excited to merge the ever changing world of the internet and fuse our quality of product with all the painted auto body parts we offer online and ship directly to your door.  Because we are not all talk one of our companies policies is lifetime paint warranty no questions asked.  Once the pre painted part is on your vehicle from a pre painted bumper, fender, tailgate, side view mirror we stand behind our BumpMatch lifetime guarantee no questions asked. 
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