2004 Nissan Maxima: Painted Side View Mirror Restoration

    2004 Nissan Maxima: Painted Side View Mirror Restoration



      Introducing the ideal solution for your Nissan Maxima - the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacement. Crafted to perfection, these replacement mirrors are designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle's aesthetics while delivering exceptional functionality. Available for both the left (driver-side) and right (passenger-side) positions, these mirrors come in various configurations to cater to your specific needs.

      For those seeking a mirror with power adjustments, manual folding capabilities, heating functionality, and memory settings, the OEM part numbers 96302ZK34E (Left, Driver-Side) and 96301ZK34E (Right, Passenger-Side) are the perfect fit. These mirrors not only provide precise adjustments and memory convenience but also come with heating capabilities to ensure visibility even in frosty conditions.

      If you prefer the convenience of power adjustments and manual folding but don't require the heating feature or memory settings, consider the alternatives. The 96302ZK33E (Left, Driver-Side) and 96301ZK33E (Right, Passenger-Side) mirrors offer the same power and folding functionalities without the heating or memory components.

      Matching the OEM specifications, the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirrors come with parts link numbers NI1320161 (Left, Driver-Side) and NI1321161 (Right, Passenger-Side). These mirrors combine power adjustments, manual folding, heating capabilities, and memory settings, providing a comprehensive solution that complements your driving experience.

      For those who prioritize simplicity and don't require heating or memory features, the NI1320162 (Left, Driver-Side) and NI1321162 (Right, Passenger-Side) mirrors are available. These mirrors retain power adjustments and manual folding, serving as efficient alternatives without compromising on functionality.

      Upgrade your Nissan Maxima with these meticulously designed BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacements, tailored to meet your preferences and enhance your driving journey.