2004 Lexus RX330: Painted Side View Mirror Enhancement

    2004 Lexus RX330: Painted Side View Mirror Enhancement



      Introducing the perfect solution for your Lexus RX330: the painted side view mirror replacement by BumpMatch. Crafted to meticulous standards, this replacement mirror offers an impeccable match to the elegance of your vehicle. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your car's aesthetics, this mirror guarantees a refreshed look while ensuring optimal functionality.

      For the left, driver-side mirror replacement, BumpMatch offers the ideal match for OEM part number 879400E900. This flat glass mirror, identified by the part link number LX1320107, is a testament to precision and quality. Seamlessly replacing the existing mirror, it rejuvenates your vehicle's appearance with a seamless paint match.

      If you require a replacement for the right, passenger-side mirror, BumpMatch has you covered with the counterpart to OEM part number 879100E900. This convex glass mirror, corresponding to part link number LX1321107, exudes sophistication while being engineered for exceptional performance. It effortlessly replaces the original mirror, ensuring a flawless fit and finish.

      For vehicles with memory functionality, the BumpMatch mirror options include the following part numbers:

      • 8794048230C0 (Driver Side; Flat Glass)
      • 8791048230C0 (Passenger Side; Convex Glass)

      These mirror replacements guarantee a seamless integration with the memory features of your vehicle, maintaining its technological advancements while providing a tasteful upgrade.

      The mirror replacements are also available with part link numbers:

      • LX1320106 (Driver Side; Flat Glass)
      • LX1321106 (Passenger Side; Convex Glass)

      These options cater to vehicles without memory features, ensuring compatibility and a consistent, polished look.

      Trust in BumpMatch's commitment to excellence as you select the perfect painted side view mirror replacement for your Lexus RX330. Elevate your driving experience with a blend of style, functionality, and precision engineering.