2003 Kia Sedona: Refreshed Side View Mirror with New Paint Finish

    2003 Kia Sedona: Refreshed Side View Mirror with New Paint Finish



      Introducing the meticulously crafted painted side view mirror replacement by BumpMatch, designed to seamlessly replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part numbers 0K54B69180XX for the Left, Driver-Side mirror, and 0K54F69120XX for the Right, Passenger-Side mirror. These replacement mirrors, available with part numbers KI1320116 (Left, Driver-Side) and KI1321116 (Right, Passenger-Side), perfectly integrate into your Kia Sedona's profile.

      Engineered with precision, the BumpMatch painted side view mirrors offer an ideal fit for your specific Kia Sedona model. For the EX Model, enjoy the convenience of heated functionality, power adjustments, and manual folding with part numbers 0K54B69180XX (Left, Driver-Side) and 0K54F69120XX (Right, Passenger-Side), both corresponding to parts link numbers KI1320116 and KI1321116 respectively.

      For the LX Model, BumpMatch presents an array of options to suit your preferences. Choose the non-heated variant with part numbers 0K54A69180XX (Left, Driver-Side) and 0K54A69120XX (Right, Passenger-Side), complemented by parts link numbers KI1320117 and KI1321117 respectively, for an elegant yet functional addition to your vehicle.

      Craftsmanship and compatibility converge in the BumpMatch painted side view mirror replacement, ensuring a seamless integration that preserves your Kia Sedona's distinctive aesthetics while enhancing its practicality. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with BumpMatch.