2003 Honda Civic: Refreshed Side View Mirror with Paint Upgrade

    2003 Honda Civic: Refreshed Side View Mirror with Paint Upgrade



      Introducing the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacement for the Honda Civic – an exceptional solution for restoring the sleek look and functionality of your vehicle's side mirrors. This replacement mirror is available in two variations, meticulously designed to seamlessly match the original specifications of your car.

      For the left, driver-side mirror, you have the option of choosing either OEM part number 76250S5DA01 or the corresponding Parts Link number HO1320140. This choice is perfect for DX/VP models equipped with a manual remote system (Manual Remote DX/VP). If your Civic is an LX/EX model with power mirrors, the compatible options are OEM part number 76250S5DA11 or Parts Link number HO1320141.

      On the right, passenger-side mirror, you're presented with the same thoughtful options. Opt for the OEM part number 76200S5DA01 if you're looking for a precise fit, or choose the Parts Link number HO1321140. For LX/EX models with power mirrors, the suitable selections are OEM part number 76200S5DA11 or Parts Link number HO1321141.

      Crafted by BumpMatch, this painted side view mirror replacement promises to combine form and function flawlessly. Whether you're replacing a damaged mirror or upgrading the aesthetics of your Honda Civic, trust in the compatibility and quality of these replacements to enhance your driving experience.