2001 Lexus LS430: Refinished Side View Mirror in Matching Paint

    2001 Lexus LS430: Refinished Side View Mirror in Matching Paint



      Experience seamless luxury with the Lexus LS430 Painted Side View Mirror Replacement, meticulously crafted to restore the exquisite design and functionality of your vehicle. This replacement option is a perfect fit for either the Left, Driver-Side (OEM part number LX1321118) or the Right, Passenger-Side (OEM part number LX1321118), ensuring a precise and accurate match.

      Designed to seamlessly integrate into your Lexus LS430, these painted side view mirrors by BumpMatch epitomize both style and performance. With unparalleled attention to detail, these mirrors are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, offering a flawless replacement solution that blends seamlessly with your vehicle's original aesthetics.

      The parts link number for this replacement is LX1321118, available for both the Left, Driver-Side, and Right, Passenger-Side options. BumpMatch takes pride in delivering high-quality automotive components, and these painted side view mirrors are no exception. Experience the sophistication of your Lexus LS430 with restored mirror elegance, courtesy of BumpMatch's exceptional craftsmanship.