2003 Nissan Murano: Refinished Side View Mirror

    2003 Nissan Murano: Refinished Side View Mirror



      Introducing the Painted Side View Mirror Replacement by BumpMatch for your Nissan Murano. This premium replacement option ensures a seamless fit and exceptional performance, available for both the driver and passenger sides of your vehicle.

      Compatible with OEM part numbers 96302CA000 (Left, Driver-Side) or 96301CA000 (Right, Passenger-Side), as well as parts link numbers NI1320152 (Left, Driver-Side) or NI1321152 (Right, Passenger-Side), this replacement mirror perfectly captures the original design and function.

      Choose from a range of configurations to match your preferences and vehicle specifications:

      1. Power, Manual Folding, Non-Heated; without Memory:

        • Part Number: 96302CA000 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Part Number: 96301CA000 (Right, Passenger-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1320152 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1321152 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      2. Power, Manual Folding, Heated, without Memory:

        • Part Number: 96302CA100 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Part Number: 96301CA100 (Right, Passenger-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1320160 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1321160 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      3. Power, Manual Folding, Heated, with Memory:

        • Part Number: 96302CA300 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Part Number: 96301CA300 (Right, Passenger-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1320175 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1321175 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      4. Power, Manual Folding, Non-Heated, with Memory:

        • Part Number: 96302CA200 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Part Number: 96301CA200 (Right, Passenger-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1320177 (Left, Driver-Side)
        • Parts Link Number: NI1321177 (Right, Passenger-Side)

      Elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and functionality with this top-tier replacement mirror by BumpMatch. Crafted to meet stringent quality standards, it promises a hassle-free installation process and long-lasting performance. Get ready to hit the road with confidence, knowing your Nissan Murano is equipped with a premium painted side view mirror replacement that stands up to the rigors of daily driving.