Painted Side View Mirror for 2013 Chevrolet Captiva

    Painted Side View Mirror for 2013 Chevrolet Captiva



      Revitalize Your Chevrolet Captiva: Precision-Crafted Painted Side View Mirror Replacement

      Upgrade your Chevrolet Captiva with our meticulously engineered painted side view mirror replacement. Crafted for excellence, this replacement caters to both non-heated and heated function preferences, accommodating various OEM part numbers.

      For those opting for non-heated functionality, this replacement aligns perfectly with OEM part numbers 19211047 (Left, Driver-Side) or 19211046 (Right, Passenger-Side), corresponding to parts link numbers GM1320389 (Left, Driver-Side) or GM1321389 (Right, Passenger-Side).

      For those seeking the added luxury of a heated function, our replacement seamlessly integrates with OEM part numbers 119211049 (Left, Driver-Side) or 19211048 (Right, Passenger-Side), complemented by parts link numbers GM1320390 (Left, Driver-Side) or GM1321390 (Right, Passenger-Side).

      Elevate the visual appeal and performance of your Chevrolet Captiva with our premium side view mirror replacement, meticulously designed to match your vehicle's specifications and enhance its overall aesthetic.