2012 Toyota Venza : Painted Side View Mirror
2012 Toyota Venza : Painted Side View Mirror

    2012 Toyota Venza : Painted Side View Mirror



      Introducing the Toyota Venza Painted Side View Mirror Replacement, meticulously crafted by BumpMatch to seamlessly replace your OEM part numbers: 879400T021B0 (Left, Driver-Side) or 879100T021C0 (Right, Passenger-Side). These replacements are precisely matched to parts link numbers TO1320258 (Left, Driver-Side) and TO1321258 (Right, Passenger-Side), ensuring a perfect fit for your specific requirements.

      Our painted side view mirrors not only restore your vehicle's functionality but also elevate its visual appeal. Whether you prefer a heated or non-heated option, we have you covered with the following part numbers:

      Heated Mirrors:

      • 879400T021B0 (Driver Side)
      • 879100T021C0 (Passenger Side)
      • Parts Link Numbers: TO1320258 (Driver Side) and TO1321258 (Passenger Side)

      Non-Heated Mirrors:

      • 879400T010C0 (Driver Side)
      • 879100T010C0 (Passenger Side)
      • Parts Link Numbers: TO1320257 (Driver Side) and TO1321257 (Passenger Side)

      Our replacement mirrors arrive fully painted and ready for straightforward installation, saving you the hassle of dealing with local body shops. Elevate your Toyota Venza with the quality, precision, and options that BumpMatch provides, ensuring a hassle-free replacement experience tailored to your specific preferences.