2009 Lexus IS250 : Painted Side View Mirror

    2009 Lexus IS250 : Painted Side View Mirror



      Introducing the perfect solution for your Lexus IS250 side view mirror replacement needs – the meticulously crafted painted side view mirrors by BumpMatch. Whether it's the left, Driver-Side mirror (OEM Part Number: 8794053250) or the right, Passenger-Side mirror (OEM Part Number: 8791053251), we have you covered. These mirrors are not just replacements; they are precision-engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and style.

      For the Driver-Side mirror:

      • OEM Part Number: 8794053250
      • Parts Link Number: LX1320110

      For the Passenger-Side mirror:

      • OEM Part Number: 8791053251
      • Parts Link Number: LX1321110

      But that's not all. BumpMatch understands the unique needs of your Lexus IS250, which is why we offer a range of options to suit your specific requirements:

      For those with Power Folding and Memory features, we provide:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053250
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053251

      If your vehicle doesn't have Sport Package or Luxury Package and features Manual Folding without Memory, we offer:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053241
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053241

      For those with Luxury or Sport Package, Manual Folding, Memory function, and Turn Signal Light, we present:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053560
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053550

      And if your vehicle is without Luxury or Sport Package, has Manual Folding, no Memory function, but includes a Turn Signal Light, our solution is:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053400
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053400

      In addition to these, we provide corresponding Parts Link Numbers to facilitate your replacement process:

      For Power Folding with Memory:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320110
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321110

      For Manual Folding without Sport Package or Luxury Package, without Memory:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320109
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321109

      For Luxury/Sport Package, Manual Folding, Memory, and Turn Signal Light:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320115
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321115

      For Manual Folding without Luxury/Sport Package, without Memory, but with Turn Signal Light:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320111
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321111

      With BumpMatch, you can trust that your Lexus IS250 will regain its original elegance and functionality. Our painted side view mirrors are crafted with precision and care to seamlessly blend with your vehicle's aesthetics, ensuring a perfect fit and a look that's as good as new. Elevate your driving experience with BumpMatch's top-quality replacement mirrors.