2008 Lexus IS250 : Painted Side View Mirror

    2008 Lexus IS250 : Painted Side View Mirror



      Discover the perfect solution for your Lexus IS250 with our precision-engineered painted side view mirror replacements by BumpMatch. Whether you require a replacement for the Left, Driver-Side (OEM Part Number: 8794053250) or the Right, Passenger-Side (OEM Part Number: 8791053251), we've got you covered. Our mirrors are designed to seamlessly integrate with your Lexus IS250, ensuring both form and function.

      Key Features:

      • Driver-Side Replacement: OEM Part Number 8794053250, Parts Link Number LX1320110.
      • Passenger-Side Replacement: OEM Part Number 8791053251, Parts Link Number LX1321110.

      Additional Options to Suit Your Needs:

      For those with Power Folding and Memory features:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053250.
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053251.

      For Lexus IS250 models without Sport Package or Luxury Package, featuring Manual Folding without Memory:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053241.
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053241.

      If your vehicle is equipped with Luxury or Sport Package, Manual Folding, Memory function, and a Turn Signal Light, we offer:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053560.
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053550.

      And for those without Luxury or Sport Package, featuring Manual Folding, no Memory function, but with a Turn Signal Light:

      • Driver-Side: OEM Part Number 8794053400.
      • Passenger-Side: OEM Part Number 8791053400.

      To facilitate your replacement process, we provide corresponding Parts Link Numbers:

      For Power Folding with Memory:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320110.
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321110.

      For Manual Folding without Sport Package or Luxury Package, without Memory:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320109.
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321109.

      For Luxury/Sport Package, Manual Folding, Memory, and Turn Signal Light:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320115.
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321115.

      For Manual Folding without Luxury/Sport Package, without Memory, but with Turn Signal Light:

      • Driver-Side: LX1320111.
      • Passenger-Side: LX1321111.

      Revitalize your Lexus IS250 with BumpMatch's painted side view mirrors, expertly crafted to match the elegance and functionality of your vehicle. Achieve a flawless fit and a refreshed appearance with our premium replacement mirrors.