2005 Mazda 3 : Painted Side View Mirror

    2005 Mazda 3 : Painted Side View Mirror



      Replace your Mazda 3's side view mirror with a high-quality painted replacement mirror by BumpMatch. This mirror replacement is designed to match the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications and comes in two options:

      For the left, driver-side mirror, you can use either OEM part number BP8M69180K08 or parts link number MA1320138. If you prefer a right, passenger-side mirror replacement, you have the choice of OEM part number BP8M69120K08 or parts link number MA1321138.

      Depending on your preferences and needs, you can select from various mirror configurations:

      Power and Heated Mirrors:

      • For the driver-side: BP8M69180K08 (OEM) or MA1320138 (Parts Link)
      • For the passenger-side: BP8M69120K08 (OEM) or MA1321138 (Parts Link)

      Manual and Non-Heated Mirrors:

      • For the driver-side: BN8P69180K (OEM) or MA1320141 (Parts Link)
      • For the passenger-side: BN8P69120K (OEM) or MA1321141 (Parts Link)

      Power and Non-Heated Mirrors:

      • For the driver-side: BN8B69180K08 (OEM) or MA1320142 (Parts Link)
      • For the passenger-side: BN8B69120K08 (OEM) or MA1321142 (Parts Link)

      With these options, you can choose the mirror replacement that suits your Mazda 3's specific requirements, whether you need power, heating, or manual functionality for your side view mirror. Rest assured that these replacements are designed to meet your vehicle's needs and maintain its original look.