2005 Infiniti FX45: Painted Side View Mirror

    2005 Infiniti FX45: Painted Side View Mirror



      Introducing the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacement for your Infiniti FX45, the perfect solution to restore the sleek and stylish look of your vehicle. Crafted to seamlessly match the original design and quality, this replacement mirror is available for both the left (driver-side) and right (passenger-side) positions. Say goodbye to unsightly mirror damage and hello to a fresh, factory-finished appearance.

      πŸ”§ Key Features:

      • OEM Compatibility: This replacement mirror is designed to precisely fit your Infiniti FX45, with compatibility for OEM part numbers 96302CL80B (Left, Driver-Side) and 96301CL80B (Right, Passenger-Side). You can trust in its perfect fit and performance.

      • Painted Finish: BumpMatch ensures that your replacement side view mirror arrives with a flawless, factory-quality paint finish that seamlessly matches your vehicle's color. No need for additional painting or touch-ups.

      • Quality Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, this mirror is built to withstand the rigors of daily driving. It meets high industry standards for quality and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

      • Easy Installation: Installing your new side view mirror is a straightforward process, thanks to its precise fit and detailed instructions. You can confidently tackle this DIY project or entrust it to a professional technician.

      πŸ›’ Part Numbers:

      • Left, Driver-Side: IN1320119
      • Right, Passenger-Side: IN1321119

      Additional Part Numbers:

      • [List any other relevant part numbers here]

      πŸš— Compatibility: This BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacement is compatible with Infiniti FX45 vehicles, providing a hassle-free replacement solution for damaged or broken mirrors.

      Upgrade your vehicle's appearance and functionality with the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror Replacement. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you've chosen a top-quality replacement that perfectly matches your Infiniti FX45's original style. Say goodbye to the eyesore of a damaged mirror and get ready to hit the road in style once again!