2004 Nissan Murano: Painted Side View Mirror Restoration

    2004 Nissan Murano: Painted Side View Mirror Restoration



      Introducing the meticulously designed painted side view mirror replacement by BumpMatch, crafted to seamlessly integrate with your Nissan Murano, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This replacement is available in two variants, catering to the distinct sides of your vehicle: the left, driver-side (OEM part number 96302CA000) and the right, passenger-side (OEM part number 96301CA000). These replacements are offered under the parts link numbers NI1320152 and NI1321152, respectively.

      Designed to match the original specifications, each painted side view mirror replacement boasts precise engineering for a perfect fit. Crafted for your convenience, these mirrors come with various options:

      For the power-operated mirrors with manual folding capability and no heating feature, options include:

      • 96302CA000 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • 96301CA000 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      • NI1320152 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • NI1321152 (Right, Passenger-Side)

      For the power mirrors with manual folding and heating functions, configurations are available as follows:

      • 96302CA100 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • 96301CA100 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      • NI1320160 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • NI1321160 (Right, Passenger-Side)

      If your preference includes power mirrors with manual folding, heating, and memory settings, the options are:

      • 96302CA300 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • 96301CA300 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      • NI1320175 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • NI1321175 (Right, Passenger-Side)

      For those seeking power mirrors with manual folding, non-heated, and memory capabilities, the choices encompass:

      • 96302CA200 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • 96301CA200 (Right, Passenger-Side)
      • NI1320177 (Left, Driver-Side)
      • NI1321177 (Right, Passenger-Side)

      Whether you prioritize convenience, heating, or memory options, each replacement mirror is meticulously designed to match your Nissan Murano's original aesthetic and function. BumpMatch's painted side view mirror replacement ensures that your vehicle retains its distinctive appeal while enjoying the benefits of enhanced mirror functionality.