2004 Mazda 6: Painted Side View Mirror Assembly

    2004 Mazda 6: Painted Side View Mirror Assembly



      Introducing the exceptional Painted Side View Mirror Replacement by BumpMatch, designed to seamlessly restore the sleek aesthetics of your Mazda 6 while ensuring optimal functionality. Crafted as a precise fit for your vehicle, this replacement mirror is available in two variations: the Left, Driver-Side mirror with OEM part number GK2A6918ZBB and Parts link number MA1320139, and the Right, Passenger-Side mirror with OEM part number GK2A6912ZBB and Parts link number MA1321139.

      Meticulously engineered to match the original mirror specifications, this replacement part is a perfect match for Non-Folding models without Mazdaspeed or Turbo features. For the Non-Folding, w/o Mazdaspeed, w/o Turbo models, the Driver-Side mirror bears the part number GK2A6918ZBB, while the Passenger-Side mirror is identified by the part number GK2A6912ZBB. Corresponding to these, the Parts link numbers are MA1320139 for the Driver-Side and MA1321139 for the Passenger-Side mirror.

      For those with Manual Folding mirrors and equipped with Mazdaspeed or Turbo enhancements, the replacement mirrors are distinguished by the part numbers GP9A69180C08 (Driver Side) and GP9A69120A08 (Passenger Side). Likewise, the Parts link numbers for the Manual Folding; w/ Mazdaspeed; w/ Turbo models are MA1320143 for the Driver-Side mirror and MA1321143 for the Passenger-Side mirror.

      Upgrade the visual appeal of your Mazda 6 while maintaining its original charm and functionality with the precisely engineered Painted Side View Mirror Replacement by BumpMatch. Impeccable fitment, durable construction, and a flawless paint finish make this replacement mirror a top-tier choice for Mazda 6 enthusiasts who seek nothing less than perfection.