2003 Nissan Sentra: Painted Side View Mirror Enhancement

    2003 Nissan Sentra: Painted Side View Mirror Enhancement



      Introducing the Painted Side View Mirror Replacement by BumpMatch for Nissan Sentra vehicles. This replacement is designed to perfectly match the sleek and stylish aesthetics of your car, ensuring a seamless integration with the overall design.

      Available in two variants, the left (driver-side) mirror replacement comes with OEM part number 963025M000 and parts link number NI1320133. For the right (passenger-side) mirror replacement, the OEM part number is 963015M000, and the corresponding parts link number is NI1321133. These replacements are meticulously crafted to mirror the original specifications, providing a secure and accurate fit.

      For those seeking additional options, BumpMatch offers the following part numbers to cater to various preferences:

      Power, Non-Folding, Non-Heated:

      • Left (Driver-Side): 963025M000 (OEM), NI1320133 (Parts Link)
      • Right (Passenger-Side): 963015M000 (OEM), NI1321133 (Parts Link)

      Manual Remote, Non-Folding, Non-Heated:

      • Left (Driver-Side): 963025M100 (OEM), NI1320134 (Parts Link)
      • Right (Passenger-Side): 963015M100 (OEM), NI1321134 (Parts Link)

      Each replacement mirror is crafted to uphold the same high standards as your original mirror, ensuring reliable visibility and safety while driving. Whether you're replacing a damaged mirror or upgrading your vehicle's appearance, BumpMatch's Painted Side View Mirror Replacement for Nissan Sentra provides an ideal solution with its precision, quality, and aesthetic compatibility. Drive confidently knowing that your vehicle retains its original charm and performance.