2003 BMW 3 Series: Painted Side View Mirror Upgrade

    2003 BMW 3 Series: Painted Side View Mirror Upgrade



      Discover the perfect solution to restore your BMW 3 Series to its impeccable state with the exquisite Painted Side View Mirror Replacement by BumpMatch. Specifically crafted for the discerning driver who seeks both functionality and aesthetics, this replacement mirror is designed to seamlessly integrate with your vehicle's design.

      Engineered to meticulous precision, this replacement mirror corresponds to the OEM part numbers 51168245129 (Left, Driver-Side) or 51167003463 (Right, Passenger-Side), ensuring a seamless fit and finish. With the Parts Link Numbers BM1320118 (Left, Driver-Side) and BM1320132 (Right, Passenger-Side), you can trust in its compatibility and authenticity.

      Elevating both form and function, the mirror is exclusively tailored for "Heated" model mirrors, enhancing visibility and convenience during various driving conditions. Its precision painting not only matches the original design flawlessly but also exudes a sense of elegance that complements the BMW 3 Series' sophisticated aesthetic.

      When choosing the Painted Side View Mirror by BumpMatch, you're selecting a premium option that prioritizes your vehicle's appearance and performance. Experience the embodiment of automotive excellence as you embrace the road ahead with confidence and style.