2002 Mazda Protege : Refinished Side View Mirror

    2002 Mazda Protege : Refinished Side View Mirror



      Introducing the ideal solution for your Mazda Protege's side view mirror replacement needs – the BumpMatch Painted Side View Mirror. Crafted with precision to meet your vehicle's specifications, this replacement mirror ensures a seamless fit and exceptional performance.

      Available in two options to suit your specific requirements:

      Left, Driver-Side (OEM Part Number: BN6B6918008) / (Parts Link Number: MA1320151) Replace your damaged or worn-out driver-side mirror with this high-quality painted side view mirror by BumpMatch. Designed to match the original specifications, it features a non-heated design and comes equipped with a smooth cap in a sleek Black/PTM finish. Get back on the road with confidence knowing your mirror replacement meets the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

      Right, Passenger-Side (OEM Part Number: BN6B6912008) / (Parts Link Number: MA1321151) For the passenger-side mirror replacement, BumpMatch presents a superior option that lives up to the OEM standards. This mirror is designed to fit flawlessly on your Mazda Protege, featuring the same non-heated functionality and a smooth cap finished in Black/PTM. Restore the functionality and appearance of your vehicle's mirror with this carefully crafted replacement.

      Additional Options:

      Left, Driver-Side (Alternate Part Number: BJ0J69180E92) In situations where the non-heated mirror with a smooth cap is preferred, the BJ0J69180E92 part number is here to fulfill that need. With the same Black/PTM finish, this mirror replacement retains the elegance and sleekness of your Mazda Protege's original design.

      Right, Passenger-Side (Alternate Part Number: BJ0J69120E92) The BJ0J69120E92 mirror replacement provides the non-heated, smooth cap mirror option for the passenger side of your vehicle. Its Black/PTM finish seamlessly blends in with your car's aesthetics, delivering both functionality and style.

      Whether you're seeking an OEM-matching replacement or a mirror that aligns with your specific preferences, BumpMatch has you covered. Choose the perfect mirror replacement for your Mazda Protege, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its visual appeal and roadworthy performance.