2002 Kia Sedona : Refinished Side View Mirror

    2002 Kia Sedona : Refinished Side View Mirror



      Experience seamless style and functionality with the Kia Sedona painted side view mirror replacement by BumpMatch. Crafted to perfection, this replacement mirror offers a seamless fit and finish for your vehicle's left (driver-side) or right (passenger-side) exterior.

      Designed to meet the highest standards, this mirror replacement comes in two distinct variants, catering to different Kia Sedona models and configurations. For the EX Model, the mirror replacement boasts features like heating, power adjustability, and manual folding, ensuring optimal visibility and ease of use. On the other hand, the LX Model mirror replacement provides a non-heated option, delivering a streamlined look without compromising on quality.

      The mirror replacement bears OEM part numbers 0K54B69180XX (Left, Driver-Side) or 0K54F69120XX (Right, Passenger-Side), and is associated with parts link numbers KI1320116 (Left, Driver-Side) or KI1321116 (Right, Passenger-Side). These part numbers guarantee compatibility and authenticity, ensuring a reliable replacement solution for your Kia Sedona.

      Upgrade your driving experience with the BumpMatch painted side view mirror replacement, combining precision, aesthetics, and performance in one comprehensive package.