2000 Toyota Tundra : Side View Mirror in Custom Paint
2000 Toyota Tundra : Side View Mirror in Custom Paint

    2000 Toyota Tundra : Side View Mirror in Custom Paint


      Introducing the Toyota Tundra Painted Side View Mirror Replacement, a premium solution for refreshing the appearance of your vehicle. This replacement option perfectly matches the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle's design. Specifically designed to replace the left (driver-side) mirror with OEM part number 879400C050C1, or the right (passenger-side) mirror with OEM part number 879100C050C1, this replacement guarantees an exact fit.

      For your convenience, this painted side view mirror replacement bears the parts link number TO1320189 for the driver-side version, and TO1321189 for the passenger-side version. These numbers facilitate accurate identification and compatibility with your Toyota Tundra.

      Crafted by BumpMatch, this replacement mirror boasts exceptional quality and attention to detail. It showcases a precise paint finish that harmonizes flawlessly with your vehicle's original color, ensuring a factory-like appearance. The result is a renewed side view mirror that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics.

      For other Toyota Tundra variants, alternative part numbers are available to cater to various specifications:

      Limited Model; Power-Operated; Non-Heated:

      Driver Side: 879400C050C1
      Passenger Side: 879100C050C1
      Driver Side Parts Link: TO1320189
      Passenger Side Parts Link: TO1321189
      Base/SR5 Model; Manual Operation; Regular/Access Cab:

      Driver Side: 879400C030
      Passenger Side: 879100C030
      Driver Side Parts Link: TO1320188
      Passenger Side Parts Link: TO1321188
      Incorporating this Toyota Tundra Painted Side View Mirror Replacement into your vehicle not only restores its original charm but also ensures a renewed driving experience. Choose excellence, precision, and aesthetics with BumpMatch.