Painted Auto Body Parts - Tailgates

by Julio Cesar Rodriguez on August 20, 2020

BumpMatch offers painted tailgates for sale. Not all painted tailgates are of the same quality.  One thing to take into account before purchasing a painted tailgate is both the specific kind of tailgate being used as a replacement and of course the paint.  A CAPA certified or OEM tailgate shell is the way to go even if its a bit pricier as the thickness of the metal varies.  Most of the time the parts used by other companies arent of the best quality grade metal you can get.  At BumpMatch we offer mostly CAPA certified or ISO certified tailgate shells to insure durability over time.

 painted auto body parts

Not all painted tailgates are the same.

After you have chosen or verified a quality grade replacement you want to make sure the paint being used is a good grade of paint.  Also if the clear being used is a thicker more resilient clear to make sure the tailgate lasts a lifetime!  With BumpMatch you can be rest assured we are providing both quality and longevity when it comes to you pre pained tailgate replacement .  Check out our painted tailgates for all makes and models.  Mention this article and we will extend a 10% discount code.